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"We are looking for any person’s (cis/femme/trans-masc/etc) stories that deal with their own personal experience with abortion and/or abortion care/services. All published pieces will be paid $100 honorariums. "
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We prefer first-hand, personal accounts, and preferably dealing with one’s own experience, although, depending on the context/situation we may accept a piece that shares someone else’s experience.
Let us be clear. We will not engage with or share any anti-choice sentiments. Olney is not a platform to debate this issue. Our stance is unwavering—a person’s right to choose.
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Max words: 2000


Max words: 2000


Contributors on Chill Subs (10)

Christine Naprava

NJ, United States
"Poet • Writer • Columnist for VWMusic"

C. Heyne

"C. Heyne (any/all) is a genderqueer poet from Sunrise, Florida, and resides in Hoboken, NJ. C has a chapbook forthcoming "my room (and other wombs)" (Bullshit Lit '23)"

Jasmine Kaur

"Jasmine Kaur (she/her) is a punjabi, queer writer/artist. She likes to surround herself with stories and poetics in any medium, including audio, video, still images and performance. "

Martine van Bijlert

"Martine van Bijlert is a poet, novelist and non-fiction writer who grew up in Iran, lives in the Netherlands and, in between, worked as an aid worker, researcher and diplomat, mostly in Afghanistan. "

Varun U. Shetty

Cleveland, OH, United States
"Varun U. Shetty is a writer and critical care physician. He grew up in Mumbai and lives with his partners in Shaker Heights, Ohio. His work has appeared or forthcoming in Frontier, Five South Online, Cleaver, Hobart, Olney, and others."

Angel Rosen

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
"a poet before all else. author of "Aurelia" and "Blake". lesbian. neurodivergent. reader. mediocre artist and baker. amanda palmer patron. re-watcher of rupaul's drag race, mom, svu & grey's anatomy. she/her."

Beth Mulcahy

Cleveland, OH, United States
"Beth Mulcahy is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet whose work has appeared in various journals. Her chapbook, Firmer Ground, is forthcoming with Anxiety Press. Beth lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. "

Frank Njugi

Nairobi, Kenya
"Frank Njugi (He /Him) is a Writer ,Poet from Kenya.He is a poetry reader for Salamander Ink magazine and his work has been featured on platforms such as 20.35 Africa ,KalahariReview, Olneymagazine , Roi Faineant Press, FieryScribe review & others"

Jerrod Laber

Falls Church, VA, United States
"Jerrod Laber is an Appalachian poet and writer. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife and dog. "

Clem Flowers

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