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Please send us your edgy, risk-taking, diverse and dynamic work! All subject matter welcome, inclusive of historically marginalized voices.
1 free submission per issue, consider helping the magazine with a reading fee if you submit more.
We’re pleased to announce a literary publication focused on object and idea called Showcase. Showcase drops every Third Tuesday of the month on our Substack and is sent via email to 30,000 readers. We pay $50 per acceptance in poetry and prose.
Each month, Showcase will select a poet and prose piece to feature with 1-2 poems, and 1-2 pages of flash prose (inclusive of Fiction and Nonfiction) followed by the writer's about-the-work and a short interview. We welcome open and friendly dialogue and commentary in the comment section. (Anything hateful, hypercritical, mean spirited, unrelated, and unconstructive will be deleted by monitors).
Selected writers will receive an honorarium of $50, a direct link to the newsletter, and their names will be featured as a part of Showcase’s monthly ad campaign upon publication. We will link from Showcase to a desired page for each writer. We’ll promote each issue on social media and other literary ad networks to help writers gain exposure.
We welcome new work, as well as published work. We recognize that print magazines and market forces have coalesced on a standard practice of only taking unpublished work and we want to give writers the opportunity for new eyes and ears for all of their work, new and old, published and unpublished.
If your work is selected, it will be required that you answer the "Idea" portion of this form (though it is optional to fill out now). We will also require a short Interview be filled out. The Idea and Interview will appear along with the work.
Fiction, Micro Essay, Non-Fiction all welcome.




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2 pages max, flash only.


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