"One of Canada's leading literary journals, featuring poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and book reviews."
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We read submissions from Canadian writers all year. Because we receive so many submissions, we accept work from international writers only during certain months, depending on the genre
We pay CAD$70 per published page plus a one-year print subscription and two copies of the issue in which your work appears.




Max pieces: 5Three to five poems (up to 10 pages max). Submissions by international writers are accepted during the following six months: January and February, May through July, and November.


Max words: 8000A single submission of up to 8,000 words OR one to three shorter fictions of up to 750 words each. Submissions by international writers are accepted during the following four months: March and April, and September and October.


Max words: 5000A single submission of up to 5,000 words OR one to three pieces of up to 1,000 words each. Submissions by international writers are accepted all year. Creative nonfiction is literary writing based in fact; style matters no less than substance, whatever form the writing may take (e.g., the personal essay, memoir, biography, travel writing, historical account). We do not accept submissions whose primary purpose is to argue a case or to offer an opinion or commentary on someone or something.


Although The Malahat Review publishes work by contemporary writers, we will consider translations of work by past writers who are unknown or little known in the English-speaking world. Please include a copy of the original text and, for work still under copyright, a copy of a letter of permission from the original author and/or first-language publisher. The same limits and rules apply to translation submissions as to other submissions.


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