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"JAKE is the king of bad taste, of broken forms, and broken rules. JAKE wants all of the shade of the bigger, badder mags, and he wants your funniest, strangest, or boldest words. JAKE is here to play without rules."
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Max words: 7000Max pieces: 3JAKE is looking for short stories of a literary or experimental stripe, regardless of the genre, between 2000-7000 words. JAKE’s sweet spot is right in the middle at 3500, but as you can tell, he isn’t that picky with breaking the mold. For flash: up to three little stories of 1000 words or under.


Max words: 7000Max pieces: 3JAKE can appreciate a good real life story every once in a while. Send him between 2000-7000 words (but preferably around 3500), just like for fiction, and he’ll see what he can do. For flash: up to three little stories of 1000 words or under.


Max pieces: 3JAKE doesn’t know shit about poetry, but will take submissions of up to three poems totally roughly 10 pages or less. Poetry longer than that scares him, since he doesn’t actually know how to read. *One quick note about the poetry: long lines are o.k., since JAKE is working on a way to wrap lines like in a collection. Should be very cool when it's working. But, if your lines are long and require some particular spacing... well... the site is coded in HTML, if you catch JAKE's drift.


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