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Have you recently attended a writing conference or writing residency? If so, tell us all about it. Guidelines are fairly flexible. We simply want to know your thoughts concerning a recent writing conference you attended. Specifically, what were your favorite panels/readings? What were your favorite topics/authors? Did the conference shape/change your view of reading/publishing/writing? Would you recommend the conference to others?
We are particularly interested in submissions from writers we've previously published, but we're open to submissions from anyone who considers himself/herself a writer or reader, so please encourage your students and colleagues to submit a piece.
Inspired by George Orwell's famous essay, we are introducing a new series @ Fiction Southeast entitled "Why I Write." We are now accepting submissions for the series. Guidelines are fairly flexible. We simply want to know why you write. Who and what inspired you to become a writer? What keeps you motivated when the rejection letters begin to pile up? What are your objectives when you write? What are you trying to accomplish?




Max words: 1500


Fiction Southeast is interested in reviews of short story collections (preferably collections of flash or micro shorts).


Fiction Southeast is interested in interviews with writers, agents, editors, and publishers.


Fiction Southeast is interested in articles concerning writing. We're open to a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) articles concerning the publication process, writing a synopsis, composing a query letter, dealing with rejection, articles on creating memorable stories, characters, effective dialogue, point of view, the writing process, first drafts, revision, writer's block, etc.


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