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"en*gendered aims to gather experiences of gender and embodiment and the intersection of both. We are interested in any art form we can find ways to host."
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Contributors on Chill Subs (7)

Melanie Brydges

san jose, CA, United States
" Melanie Brydges (she/her) is a Transsexual poet based in the bay area. She has been publishing in She is a self proclaimed slut, and drug addict, and roams the streets of San Jose as a Tranny."


Winchester, United Kingdom
"21 year old queer trans poet from the UK. my writing explores gender, self love and lots more besides. Currently studying Creative Writing BA at uni. @hannahsswords on Instagram and Twitter"

Ariel Basom

Seattle, WA, United States
"Ariel Basom (he/him) writes stories and poems, with a focus on difference—the feelings and experiences that move us to be more human. He believes literature has the power to question dominant culture. He holds an MFA from Goddard College."

Sol Kim Cowell

London, United Kingdom
"Transmasc nonbinary and mixed Korean writer with a passion for the weird and sexy. Contemplative by nature. he/it."

Alex Shenstone

Lincoln, United Kingdom
"Hi there! I'm Alex Shenstone (He/Him), a UK-based trans writer and Master's student. I love writing poetry, prose, script, anything really - though I do like playing with the darker themes of our world 🖤"


Rochester, MI, United States
"BEE LB is an array of letters, bound to impulse; a writer creating delicate connections. they have experience as a poetry reader, a published poet, and a workshop facilitator both online & in-person. they are working on many manuscripts all at once."

Clair Willden

Minneapolis, MN, United States
"Clair Willden (they/them) is a fiction and fiction-adjacent writer living in Minnesota. They are the EIC of Sad Goose Cooperative (sadgoosecoop.weebly.com). "

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