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"brave voices magazine is a literary & arts magazine that started in 2018. we aim to publish work from marginalized individuals about the human experience."
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audrey bowers



Contributors on Chill Subs (12)

Laura Andrea

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Michael Brookbank

Cincinnati, OH, United States
"Michael Brookbank is a poet across the river from Cincinnati, OH. Despite his best efforts, he is not a flower yet. Until then, read his work in Sugared Water, Brave Voices Magazine, and a few others – or don’t – this is a bio, not a cop."

Angel Rosen

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
"a poet before all else. author of "Aurelia" and "Blake". lesbian. neurodivergent. reader. mediocre artist and baker. amanda palmer patron. re-watcher of rupaul's drag race, mom, svu & grey's anatomy. she/her."

Katie Proctor

Leeds, United Kingdom
"Poet. 19. They/them. 3x award nominee. Author of SEASONS (2020), HELICOPTER HONEY (2022) & A DESIRE FOR DISASTER (2022). Editor of celestite poetry <3"

Allison Thung

Singapore, Singapore
"Poet, project manager, photographer. Words f/c Emerge Literary Journal, Juniper; in ANMLY, Lumiere Review, Brave Voices Magazine, Roi Fainéant Press, elsewhere. She/her."

Suchita Senthil Kumar

Bengaluru, India
"Suchita is a writer creating chaos. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Live Wire India, Hooligan Magazine and Brave Voices Magazine among others. She makes life decisions asking herself one question: Will Sirius Black be proud?"

Jose Rodriguez

Sol Kim

London, United Kingdom
"Transmasc nonbinary and mixed Korean writer with a passion for the weird and sexy. Contemplative by nature. he/it."

Tamara Bašić

"she/her; 25; vicious daydreamer"

Alexis ☕🪴

MA, United States
"Poet and prose writer from western Massachusetts. "

Emma Cholip

Madison, WI, United States
"I'm a 23 year old nonbinary author, specializing in fictional writing, but am always broadening my horizons. I am currently in Wisconsin and do editing for Messy Misfits Club!"

Erin Aube

Atlanta, GA, United States
"Erin Aube is a recovering attorney turned high school English teacher. Originally from a valley in Tennessee, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Charlie, daughters Zelda and Marigold, and too many cats to credit. "

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