"For over 40 years, Arc has been pub­lish­ing the best in con­tem­po­rary poetry. Arc invites sub­mis­sions from poets at all stages of their writing careers."
Vibe: Top-tier stuff. Not Paris Review, but ok
Response time:
4-6 months
$50 a page
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Submission fee:
$2 for US submitters
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Important stuff

Poets who are living with a disability and/or poets for whom English is not their first language are welcome to reach out to seek assistance with the submission process if necessary. This assistance can pertain to: clarifying the submission guidelines, adding notes to and/or withdrawing your submission on Submittable, and formatting your submission to fit our submission guidelines. Please contact Managing Editor, Chris Johnson, at arc@arcpoetry.ca with a subject line “Arc Poetry Submission Assistance.”
Arc pays for poetry at the rate of $50 per page. Payment is issued upon pub­li­ca­tion along with one free copy of the issue in which the work appears.
As a Canadian literary magazine, and due to the increasing number of submissions from US-based poets, we are requesting that US submitters pay a $2 entry fee per poem.




Max words: 2000Arc publishes essays, interviews, and articles on poetry and poetry-related subjects. Submit a pitch of 250 words, with an estimate of anticipated length to prose@arcpoetry.ca. Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing experience in your email, including any relevant links to samples of your previous work. For further details on what to include in your pitch, read below. The “How Poems Work” feature is a 500-word column that is a “case-study” appreciation of a single poem by a Canadian poet, addressing such concerns as style, subject matter, influences, context, and the use of such elements as form, language, rhythm, and diction. The text of the poem under discussion will also be reprinted in each column.


Max lines: 360Max pieces: 3Submissions must be typed and sin­gle spaced. Submissions of visual poetry or concrete poetry should be submitted in PDF format. Submissions must include the poet’s name, email address, and mailing address on each page. Submissions must include the poet’s biog­ra­phy. Biographical statements should be two to three sentences or approximately 50 words. Multiple poems must be submitted separately. On Submittable, each poem must be in a sep­a­rate submission along with the poet’s biog­ra­phy. This allows us to respond to poems individually and update a submission’s status more promptly. Poets may only submit once each calendar year.


Poetry and review queries submitted to the prose submission email will not be read. For review queries, please contact coordinatingeditor@arcpoetry.ca.


Max words: 2000In your pitch, please mention who you are interested in interviewing and the topics or themes you want to discuss. If you have already conducted the interview, please include a 1-2 page sample in your email.


Max pieces: 3Submissions must not exceed 3 poems or 360 lines.


Chris Johnson

Managing Editor

Manahil Bandukwala

Coordinating Editor

Meagan Black

Editorial Assistant


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