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Contributors on Chill Subs (14)

Wren Donovan

TN, United States
"Wren Donovan lives in Tennessee. Her words appear in various publications in print and online. She has been reading and writing poetry for longer than she can remember. Wren also reads Tarot and history, practices Dance Meditation, and loves the moon"

Celina Naheed

GA, United States
"Iranian American poet and essayist in Atlanta."

jim almo

"Jim (he/him) is a southern writer living in the northeast. He grew up in a religious cult, which you can read about if he ever writes his memoir. He is a coffee nerd, former touring drummer & loves cooking vegetarian meals w/his wife & 2 teen boys."

Eleanor Fatharly

Lincoln, United Kingdom

Maxwell Suzuki

Los Angeles, CA, United States
"Maxwell Suzuki is a Japanese American queer writer who lives in Los Angeles. He is currently writing a novel on the generational disconnect between Japanese American immigrants and their children."

Raquel Luciano

Orlando, FL, United States
"Raquel Luciano (she/her) is a future educator and a student at UCF. Her poems can be found in Anti-Heroin Chic, Stanchion Zine, superfroot mag, her girlfriend's corkboard, and elsewhere. She loves her five crazy cats and singing bad karaoke."

Lauren Karcz

Atlanta, GA, United States


Chicago, IL, United States
"Kristin Lueke is a Chicana poet and creative strategist for social good. She loves what she loves: her mother, the desert, good questions. Also everything else. Her work's been nominated for a Pushcart and Best of the Net. "

Matt Carney

San Francisco, CA, United States
"Matt Carney is a writer and musician in San Francisco. His writing appears in A cappella Zoo, Red Light Lit, Entropy, Anti-Heroin Chic, Tilted House, with Baobab Press and elsewhere. He is co-founder and producer of sci-fi series Club Chicxulub. "

Liz Fisher

MI, United States

Bradley David

Los Angeles, CA, United States
"Bradley David's poetry, fiction, essays, and hybrid works appear in Terrain, Plainsongs, Exacting Clam, Anti-Heroin Chic, Porridge, Stone of Madness, Bureau of Complaint, and others."

Veronica Bennett

Philadelphia, PA, United States
"poet. designer. founder + e.i.c. of Bullshit Lit Mag + Press."


Baltimore, MD, United States
"Annie Marhefka is a writer in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the Executive Director at Yellow Arrow Publishing, a Baltimore-based nonprofit supporting and empowering women writers, and is working on a memoir about mother/daughter relationships. "

Fran-Claire Kenney

Bronxville, NY, United States
"writer, photographer, student editor for Love & Squalor at Sarah Lawrence College"

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